REHABBING GRATITUDE: A Preparation for Thanksgiving

Leaning into the Scriptures, we will strengthen and stretch our souls.  We gain greater range of motion to enhance our attitude of gratitude and embrace an on-going sense of praise and thanksgiving to God. Just as physical rehab helps us gain strength and mobility, Sacred Scripture and time for prayer and reflection can open us to gratitude in spite of a fractured life, a broken spirit, a hardened heart, a bruised relationship.Come flex your spiritual muscles with Marianite, Sr. Judy Gomila, known in the Archdiocese for her practical spirituality.No spandex or tennis shoes required. WEDNESDAYS – 6:00 to 7:30 November 6, 13. 20.


Sr. Judith, a native of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, is a Marianite Sister of Holy Cross. She holds a Masters in Theology and Religious Studies from St. Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. Sr. Judy began her service to the Church as a classroom teacher, then as a Director of Parish Religious Education. Sister has ministered in the inner city, on the bayou and in the Alaska bush. She has served her Marianite Congregation as Vocation Directress and in Leadership. Sister worked in the Archdiocese of New Orleans as adjunct staff at Notre Dame Seminary for a “sweet 16 years” and with the Society for the Propagation of the Faith promoting world mission for over a decade. Sr. Judy has been a consultant and resource person for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Mission Committee as well as Outreach Coordinator for the Black and Indian Mission Office, both in Washington, DC. She is an active member of the Project Lazarus Board helping to heal and empower people living with HIV/AIDS by focusing on wellness.  She is newly appointed to the board of the Clarion Herald.

Currently, Sr. Judy is in Communications/PR  department with her Marianite Congregation and is active in their Speakers Bureau and co-editor of their quarterly magazine.  Sister is the Director of Marianite Associate programming for the laity who aspire to grow in the “spirituality of the cross” Workshops, retreats and parish missions keep her busy from California to Florida and known for her practical spirituality.  

Sr. Judy’s hobbies include a taster of all things chocolate, the poetry of Jessica Powers, clown ministry, and dancing to that old time rock and roll. Her “go to” Scripture passage is from St. Luke 1:45 ~ “Blessed is she who believes that what was spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled."