Lectors proclaims the Word of God during the liturgy and lead the General Intercessions.


  • A deep reverence for the Word of God
  • Careful preparation so that the Word is proclaimed in a respectful way
  • Complete training as required by the Archdiocese
  • Present at assigned liturgies

Click here for the November schedule. Click here for the updated December/End of Year schedule. Copies will be placed in Sacristy. Please feel free to take an extra one for those that you know that DO NOT have email, or access to the web site.

Please note that if you cannot do your scheduled time, please let me know or get a replacement. We do understand that there will be special circumstances.

• Please be a voice for those without email.
• To be a part of OLG Ministry, you must attend a workshop. See Workshop Email and /or See Father Richard/Father Tony or email me for more information.
• Please Respect those that are scheduled to serve. If needed, Father/Deacon will call upon you for assistance.


Yours in Christ,
Raquel Tejeda
Liturgical Coordinator
St. Jude/Our Lady of Guadalupe

email:  [email protected]