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Prayers to St. Jude Answered

Here are a few notes we received on our web site  or by mail here at the Shrine:

I have for years been suffering with a bad back problem. When I would awake in the morning, my back would hurt so bad that I had to take 1,000 milligrams of Tylenol. That is the only way it would go away. Three days into the last Novena the pain stopped. I am writing a public "Thank You" to St. Jude and Almighty God.


My husband had his third open heart surgery this past May and was not progressing as the doctor's would have liked. In July, I made the nine day Novena to St. Jude and prayed for his complete recovery. We are now in August and at his last check up he was doing much better. He has regained his strength back thanks to St. Jude and Our Blessed Mother. I know now he will recover completely.



Two years ago, I started praying to St. Jude when I was confronted with a situation that was overwhelming. I felt abandoned and alone. St. Jude answered my prayers and I pray to him daily requesting help with an ongoing financial dilemma. I have faith my prayers will be answered.


My husband and I were told 3 years ago it would be very difficult to get pregnant due tc specific complications but not impossible. l just didn't believe it would ever happen. My
husband and I were extremely discouraged then I discovered St. Jude and began to pray to him. From the first day I prayed I had an overwhelming sense of peace. I instantly felt a connection to St. Jude. Although it took over four years I never lost faith. Our situation got progressively worse and the doctors were losing hope. I never lost the faith although everyone around me did. When things were at its worst, St. Jude always sent me a message that it would be OK. My prayer was answered, I am now pregnant. St. Jude made it impossible for me to lose hope. I would have not survived these last few years without St. Jude. When things seem the darkest, St. Jude is there. Thank you St. Jude.


Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers. [ have been delivered from anguish I've suffered for five years. Neither doctors, drugs or therapists were able to help me but St. Jude heard me and I've been happy and clear headed for over a month. I am truly blessed that St. Jude answered my prayers.



I wish to thank St. Jude and all the prayers that were offered up for my daughter and I. I attended three Novenas and my prayers were answered. My daughter was suffering from depression and was discharged from the hospital before I got home from the third Novena.

T. A.


I have implored St. Jude for help on many occasions, too numerous to mention and he has always heard and answered my prayers. And often after these prayers are answered, I slip into complacency and forget to thank him. Thank you for the opportunity to send my most heartfelt and sincere thanks to St. Jude for all he has done for me. He is undoubtedly a most powerful, forgiving, compassionate and real intercessor. I owe you much that is good in my life, St. Jude!



I want to thank St. Jude for answering my prayers. Today we received word, that our son has received a full scholarship at the college he applied to. My husband and I have spent many sleepless nights wondering how we were going to pay for our twins to go to college. I have prayed continuously to St. Jude about our financial situation and his answer has lifted a big burden to our lives. Thank you St. Jude for all the help you have given us.


St. Jude always answers my prayers. I just hope he doesn't tire of hearing from me. He came through for me again yesterday. He made the life of a mother of twin teenage boys a whole lot easier. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.

This past summer I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I lost my job because I was unable to perform my duties. I was left with staggering medical bills to pay and I had no income. Last month I was finally accepted for Social Security Disability Income. A few days ago I was informed that the bulk of my medical bills were taken care of. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.


I just want to thank St. Jude for prayers answered. My daughter was in a very bad relationship and I prayed to St. Jude that it would end. My prayers have been answered. Thank you St. Jude! I have also prayed a Novena for her to find good friendships. That prayer is in the process of being answered as she is hanging around with a different group.


Thank you St. Jude!  I had to have "further views" for my last mammogram and prayed to you for the results to come back false.  I got my results today in the mail and they showed no suspicious abnormalities.  I am still praying to St. Jude for the results of additional tests related to the abnormal pap smear for the second time to reveal nothing serious.  Also in my prayer are the families and victims of this horrific act of terrorism.  Thank you St. Jude for answering my Prayers

Peggy B

Great Site!  I have been praying to St. Jude for nearly three years for several situations.  I began praying to him at a time when my faith was almost gone.  I had lost almost all hope and felt that things would never improve.  But when I found a St. Jude Prayer card one day, I decided to give it a try.  Very shortly after my prayer was answered!  Now I pray to St. Jude when a seemingly hopeless situation arises.  He has never failed me.  Recently I prayed to St. Jude for assistance in a relationship.  I am very happy to say that just yesterday my prayer was being answered.  I am so grateful to St. Jude and his assistance.  I pray for the continued assistance and continually express my deep gratitude for his help.  I urge anyone who is in a situation that seems hopeless to pray to St. Jude.  He does listen and he does help.  Thank you St. Jude!



During the July 21-29 Novena, I prayed and sent a request to St. Jude for intercession of a situation.  I am writing to say St. Jude again answered my prayers.  My son was charged with a felony.  However the District Attorney refused to accept the charges.  Thank you St. Jude.



I am so grateful to St. Jude for listening to my petitions.  My son, who was 16 at the time, did something foolish.  He has a chemical dependency problem, and he did something to get him in serious trouble with the law.  This happened in October, 2000.  Although we are still working through the courts to find a resolution for this, I have seen enough of how the situation is unfolding to know that in the end my prayers to St. Jude will be answered.   I trust that what was truly a bad situation will be resolved for the good.  I thank St. Jude for his intervention on behalf of my son.


Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.  Though my husband is not totally well, your powerful intercession enabled him to make a miraculous turn around from a very serious health condition.  By the eight day of the Novena, he had turned the corner, and my children and I will be forever grateful......Donna K.

My daughter was diagnosed with cervical dysapilasia and had to go into the hospital for a biopsy - Thank God it came back normal!!!  We will follow our doctor's advice, but I truly believe my prayers to St. Jude were answered.  St. Jude has helped before when my other daughter was ill.  My sincere thanks to St. Jude for answering my prayers......J.D.

I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and prayed my own novena to St. Jude for 28 days - I did not feel like I wanted to stop.  I also felt closer to St. Jude each time I prayed and also thought he was saying to me, "OK Marsha I heard you".  I feel as if I have also received a message from him, after praying hard and long.  Sometimes I fall asleep and other times I feel as if I get messages.  Well while meditation I heard (in my mind only) that my prayers had long ago been answered.  As I thought and thought it occurred to me that they had.  I have been surrounded by loving people, family, friends and co-workers that I truly love and they help me carry the burden of this terrible disease that has turned me into a cripple.  I do not feel embarrassed when I trip in their company.  When They see I need help, they help without having to be asked.  I know God has a master plan.  His will must be accepted, but St. Jude I think has interceded by surrounding me with living people.  I am not Catholic, but I embrace the Catholic religion.  Thank You St. Jude!


The letter reads: I believe that my prayers were answered during the Autumn Novena. I mailed a petition for my fathers illness. Last year, my father underwent his 2nd surgery to battle Melanoma which had spread to his lymph nodes. The surgery was to last three or four hours, but after 45 minutes the surgeon came out and explained that it had spread too far and was spreading rapidly. He told us that he has approximately 6 months to live. In November, my father had started intense chemo treatment in the hospital for 4 days a week every three weeks. It made him so sick and weak. We found out on February 28, 200, my father is now in remission. We know that the fight is not over, but know through our constant prayer and belief in the power of St. Jude, we are hoping to conquer this awful disease.

Signed, L.D.


     At the beginning of the Winter Novena, I was desperate. I had not held a permanent job in five months. I had exhausted all of my savings and was desperately in need of health care benefits and retirement benefits. I prayed and asked St. Jude to intercede for me with my Lord and ask him to shower me with his graces so that when I did present myself at an interview, the prospective employer would offer me a position. During the first five days of the Novena I had four interviews with four different firms. 

         By the seventh day of the Novena, I had four (4) job offers. I turned two of the offers down and had to make a decision regarding the remaining two. Again, I begged St. Jude to intercede for me with my Lord and to implore him to make this an easy task for me. The Monday after the Novena, one firm withdrew its offer because it could not match the salary and benefits offered by the other firm. Needless to say, I am now happily employed with all that I asked for and more. 

    I have read in scripture that everything works for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. However, I never truly experienced that verse of scripture until now. Thank you St. Jude for being there for me when I needed you most, and like you, I too know the one in whom I have put my trust. 2 Tim, 1:12.